Brewster Wallcovering will be the leader of wallcovering  and related products in the 21 century. People, products and performance are the cornerstones of our business, one that is dedicated to the philosophy that the customer is our reason for being.





Our vision is to continue to expand the Brewster custome base worldwide. We will increase our awareness of who our customers are and what is important to them. We will use our industry experience combined with echn-Ology to continue providing excellence in service.





We will be team-oriented people with entrepreneurial spirit. We will provide the training and support needed to insure the highest possible level of service to our customers and create an atmosphere that fosters leadership at all levels of the organization. Our vision includes a focus on teamwork, clear understanding of job responsibilities ,  and compensation policies designed to reward innovation and productivity. It includes education, training programs, and mentor programs to develop managers and future executives. We encourage and support all facets of a well-balanced work and personal life . In the 21 century , we will continue to rely heavily on ALL of our people contributing to the success of Brewster Wallcovering.





Our product will feature the latest in technological advantages with continued emphasis on the best in design and color. We must be focused on market needs and be able to deliver the right products to the right people at the right time – always. Improved computer technology and customer education will make these products easier to select.





We will make extensive use of market intelligence and computer technology to create a competitive advantage. In addition, we will use these tools to strengthen our market position through alliances with customers and suppliers. As an industry leader, our competition will recognize and respect our practices and know that we will always maximize our market potential.





Our vision for a supplier/partner is one based on a closer, creative and more productive relationship , one that addresses our need for reliable supply as well as the needs of our provides. We expect to conduct business with capable suppliers, that are geographically dispersed, who understand the importance of our need to control the design rights for these products.





Technology is a common theme throughout our vision for the future. It will play an important role throughout Brewster 21 century. We are committed to make the investments necessary to achieve clear leadership in customer service and market intelligence and in the operating processes needed to support all aspects of our business. We must also keep pace with product technology both in creative aspects of design development as well as in new manufacturing techniques.





We live in three communities at Brewster and expect to play a significant role in all three. One is  the wallcovering industry where we must provide a leadership position in both marketing and cooperation within the varied business segments .  The second is the community we live in where we should continue to expand our efforts to be good and charitable citizens. The third is the company as a community, ever growing, ever changing, an environment that allows for self-actualization and security for the individuals who make a commitment to this Company.

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